Kitting and Creating Fabric items

Knitting is a hobby that is coming back for a lot of people. For many, they start with basic items like scarves, a checked tablecloth or a blanket. But as they advance, many decide to move onto clothing and create jumpers and socks or other items. Shawls and cowls are popular as they can completed quickly and shown off to others easily.

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For many, the decision to knit clothing and jumpers has to do with being able to control what they are wearing. Typically they do not like the clothing that they can find in the store and want to be able to accent certain areas or hide others. By creating their own clothing, a person can make the item fit the way that they want them to and in the colours that they want. How often have you ever gone to the store and found something you wanted but wished it was in another colour? By creating your own clothing, you can easily resolve this situation. As well, some people have sensitivities to certain materials so by creating your own clothing you can control what is touching your skin.

With that said, if knitted clothing is something that scares you or you feel is beyond your skills, there are many other projects that a person can make. The beginner knitter tends to start with a scarf or a dishcloth as they are easy projects but they can become boring and tedious to a beginner which is why small projects can be good to start. There are many easy projects that a person can knit if they want to try something larger such as a blanket or a tablecloth with a few simple stitches. The order that the stitches are done in can make a huge difference to the look of the project and add enough interest to keep a person interested.

Another way to add some interest to a project is to change colours as you go. In this way, you could make a checked tablecloth or stripes by doing a few rows in one colour and then switching to another. You could do half a dozen stitches of one colour and then a second colour and then go back to the first but this can be a bit complicated and the yarn can get tangled with each other. After some practice though, it gets easy and you learn how to not cause the yarn to get tangled.

If working with multiple colours does not appeal, purchasing variegated yarn to use for your knitted items can add an element of fun. There are many sock yarns that you can buy that will stripe naturally as you work with them and people will think you were incredibly brilliant when they see the result.

With all that said, knitting clothing and jumpers does not have to be difficult but if that is not your thing, there is nothing wrong with knitting a checked tablecloth or other items. The accomplishment that comes with completing a knitting project is an amazing thing.